Mental retardation  
  Inborn errors of metabolism  
  Chromosomal disorders  
  Birth defects  
  Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy  
  Neurodevelopmental disorders  
  Adult onset disorders  
  Reproductive disorders  
  Monitoring of population for  
    occupational and environmental
    The institute has been rendering service to the cases and families afflicted with genetic disorders through diagnosis, management, counseling and Therapy

  Nearly 1,25,000 cases have been  
    enrolled in the genetic registry  
  About 50,000 cases were offered  
    genetic counseling.  
  Clinical Genetics
  Nearly 1,25,000 cases have been  
  Human Cytogenetics  
    Training is offered to P.G Students in Obstretrics & Gynecology, Biochemistry, U.G, and P.G students of Life Sciences / Alternative Systems of Medicine / Nursing and DMR students  
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