The Following persons are the members of the Institutional Ethical Committee 

for Biomedical and Health Research 

(O.U.Order No.MR/22/1031978/Adm.1-1, dated:16.04.2022) 

Name Designation EC-Member 
Prof. G.B. Reddy Professor, University College of Law, Osmania University, Hyderabad Chairman 
Dr. B. Vijaya Lakshmi Director, Institute of Genetics, O.U. Hyderabad M ember/Secretary 
Dr. Ashwin Dalal Head Diagnostic Division CDFD, Hyderabad. Member (Medical) 
Dr. V. Muralikrishna Superintendent, NilouferHospital,Hyderabad. Member (Medical) 
Dr. G. Vijay Bhargav Professor Kakatiya Medical College,Warangal Member ( Medical) 
Dr. R. Ranganath Surgical Oncologist, Nizanis Institute ofMedical Sciences, Hyderabad Member (Medical) 
Prof. Smita C. Pawar Professor, Department of Genetics & Biotechnology, Osmania University. Sr. Member (HumanGenetics) 
Dr. B. Manjula Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Osmania University. Sr. Member (Clinical Biochemistry) 
Dr. K. Rajender Rao Scientist – E National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad Member (Scientist) 
Mrs. Madhavi . Sasanakota Founder Dr Avulappa Foundation, DistrictChair – V이unteer Management, RR Dist3l50 Member (Social Welfare) 
Dr. A. Venkateshwari Associate Prof. Dept of Cell Biology, Institute of Genetics, O.U. Hyderabad Member ( Sr. Faculty) 
Mr. K. S. Sastry, IOG Plot No. 55, Srinagar Colony, Lal bazar, Secunderabad – 500 015. Member (Priest) 
Mrs. S. Jyothy Parent of DS Child Member (Lay Person)