Research Decipilines

Research Decipilines

Department of Clinical Genetics and Genetic Counselling deals with

  • Maintenance of Genetic Registry,
  • Screening high-risk pregnancies for congenital anomalies using ultra sonography.
  • Pre and post natal diagnosis of genetic disorders.
  • Offering retrospective and prospective counseling.

Institute of Genetics was the first Institute to start ultrasonography in AP.So far more than 1,25,000 individuals have been benefited by our genetic services.


  • i. Clinical  Diagnosis of Genetic Disorders
  • ii.   Pre natal Non-Invasive investigations
    1. 3D/4D U/S scan for high risk pregnancies
    2. Targeted imaging for fetal anamolies (TIFFA)
    3.  2D Echo
  1. Pre natal Invasive investigations
    1. Amniocentesis
    2. Chorionic villus sampling
  1. Double marker and triple marker test during pregnancy
  2. TORCH Profile
  3. Genetic counseling and Risk prediction /Recurrence risk for the below mentioned Genetic disorders
  1. Down,s Syndrome
  2. Klinefelters syndrome
  3. Patau’s  syndrome
  4. Wilson’s  Disease
  5. PCOD
  6. Metabolic Defects
  7. Congenital Heart Diseases
  8. Repeated Abortions
  9. BOH